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Suede, silk, satin—we’re talking lipstick, not fashion. With new technology and product formulations, lip color is available in a wide array of textures and finishes. But with so much selection, how do you choose the right coating of color for you? I break down common lip color lingo so you can paint on the pretty pout you want.


Lip pigments with a matte texture appear dull and flat on the skin, with no shine at all. Similar formulas termed “suede” or “velvet” have the same lackluster finish, but appear more powdery on lips than smooth. Typically, these formulas are extremely dense in pigment and have wonderful durability, but they may dry lips out without a balm or primer underneath.

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Silky satin formulas are similar in color payoff to matte lipsticks, but are formulated with an emollient base of oils and butters. Because of the slip-factor, they have medium staying power—a couple of hours without food or drink. Available in solid swivel-tube and as a dense liquid lip color with wand applicator, they’re the most comfortable pigment-heavy formula for daily wear.

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Frosty or shimmering lip colors are formulated with special micas designed to impart an iridescent, organza-like finish to the lips. Glimmering pigment adds luster to a flat surface like lip gloss, but relies on solely on actual flecks of shimmer—not sticky gloss—for the sheen. We recommend a translucent layer for the classiest daytime radiance.

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Not quite a gloss nor a satin lipstick, tinted lip butters provide ample, high-shine coverage from a tube. These pigmented, travel-friendly shine alternatives won’t leak in your purse as lip gloss can, and nourishing ingredients hydrate your lips all day. Unfortunately, their moisturizing formula doesn’t bode well for longevity.

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Zany, textured lips aren’t exactly the office beauty standard, but companies are beginning to develop innovative new finishes that break out of the mold and appeal to a more youthful, experimental generation. Appliques, temporary tattoos, and tar-like rainbow finishes—what will they think of next?

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{August 28, 2013}   Lipstick Done Right


Step 1: Swipe it on straight from the tube, put it on BEFORE applying lip liner for better results. When people use the pencil first, they tend to overdo it. *For the most natural effect, pick a shade that matches the inside of your bottom lip*



Step 2: LIner is absolute key! Liner keeps your lipstick from feathering or bleeding. Pick a shade close to your lipstick to prevent it from looking too harsh. Trace the pencil along the edge of your lips,then use it fill them in a little on the top of the colour, which will help it last longer.



Step 3: Blot your mouth with a tissue,then dab on a second coat of lipstick(DONT SWIPE OR YOULL SMUDGE THE LINER). To finish, pat your lips together several times like you’re saying “ma,ma,ma” to distribute shade evenly.*This is the right way to tissue-blot(NOT BETWEEN YOUR LIPS)*



Gorg Lips!! Look how fresh and elegant your lips look!! Do these steps in the morning your lips will stay gorgeous all the way to lunch. *A peachy shade is ideal for yellowish or olive skin,berry looks great on dark skin, and a rosy pink works on everyone.*

Luscious, long-lasting color requires more effort than applying lipstick straight from the tube, but its well worth the effort. A lip brush and tissue are just the extra ammunition you’ll need.

Step 1: Using a lip brush apply a thin layer of lipstick, start at the center of your mouth and blend outward. The more layers the better because itll last longer than just a single thick coat. Try to avoid the corners, who wants clown mouth!


Step 2: Pressing your lips together softens the overall effect dont forget to blot your mouth with a single piece of tissue.


If you dont have time for all of that heres a Quickie:

Apply lipstick straight from the tube(dont rub) it on.If you have tissue go ahead and blot,if not keep it moving!


The Full Treatment:

Starting with a lip pencil,choose a color that matches your lipstick colour(darker is ssooooo 90’s dont do it!!) and hold it at an angle for a softer application. Apply it from the outer corner of your upper lip to the center.

Repeat on the other side of your bottom lip. Fill both in with light feathery strokes using the side of the pencils point other than the actual tip;brush lipstick on top. Dont forget to blot with tissue.


fuchsia-flash_pack-shot cs-vivids_model-shot

OOO yes darr-darrlings it is here!Be bright and gorgeous with EXCLUSIVE VIVID  colors(brighter) and Honey nectar formula to nourish lips! How can you not get excited about that!!Now bright goes gorgeous, never garish. You’ll love it because it comes in ten shades!…TEN SHADES!!(above picture is Fuchsia Flash). Vivids gives your lips a slick shine that looks as smooth as glass. In shades like PINK POP,SHOCKING CORAL,VIVID ROSE, ELECTRIC ORANGE,VIBRANT MANDARIN,NEON RED,ON FIRE RED, HOT PLUM,BRAZEN BERRY  how can you resist the splendor? It’s sure to bring new flavor to your life. Maybelline has a lush and creamy formula that settles just right on your lips for shine that really makes a statement! Darr-lliinngs these colours will have the girls talking and the boys walking(in your direction of course!)*wink*!

Color Sensational® Vivids(Brazen Berry)      Color Sensational® Vivids(On Fire Red)

Color Sensational® Vivids(Hot Plum)                        Color Sensational® Vivids(Neon Red)


Color Sensational® Vivids(Vibrant Mandarin)                            Color Sensational® Vivids  (Electric Orange)


Color Sensational® Vivids(Vivid Rose)             Color Sensational® Vivids    (Pink Pop)              Color Sensational® Vivids(Shocking Coral)





et cetera