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First there were BB creams, then CCs, and now—you guessed it, DDs. With so many different versions of skin-perfecting products at a range of price points on the market these days, it’s hard to know which to try.


Believe it or not, BB creams aka “beauty balms” or “blemish balms,” have actually been around since the ‘60s! The first version was formulated by a German dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek, as a way to help heal patients’ skin and hide redness after a peel or treatment. BBs were introduced to the masses in South Korea and Japan in 1985 and, and hit the U.S. market in 2011, quickly becoming a standout seller for many brands despite a crowded makeup market. Following that success, CC creams (“color correction” or “color control”) were the inevitable next step. BBs were designed to instantly even out skin tone and make your complexion work better, and, in most cases, have SPF built in; CCs take it to the next level, providing all of that, plus long-term benefits—most are made to color correct and improve skin tone over time with regular use.


As if things couldn’t get anymore confusing, this year, Julep was the first brand to launch a DD—or “dynamic do-all”—cream in the U.S, which combines the benefits of both BB and CCs together. Initially, BBs and CCs came only in limited shades, often lighter on the complexion spectrum, but now, thankfully, brands like AJ Crimson, Cover FX, and Clinique have released a full range to accommodate skin tones from very light to very dark.


It’s a lot to take in, and even after extensive research we’re not convinced there’s a real, marked difference between all three. Still, every product offers different benefits—and we figure any multitasker that can streamline our beauty routines is worth a go.


BBs (“beauty balm” or “blemish balm”)


BBs are like tinted moisturizers, which give light coverage and hydration perfect for everyday use, but with added benefits. They’re a skincare–makeup hybrid that does it all: primes, refreshes, brightens, moisturizes, and protects (most versions include SPF from 15 up to 50 and beyond). If you want more coverage, you can also try using a BB as a primer under your foundation, rather than switching to a heavier foundation. 


CCs (“color correction” or “color control”)


CC creams tend to give a little more coverage than BBs, but still feel light and offer similar benefits. The difference is the addition of color correcting ingredients (for example, vitamin C), which help diminish dark spots, neutralize redness, and improve the appearance of skin that’s dull, ashy, or uneven over time. If you have problem skin (anything from acne to hyperpigmentation) or want anti-aging benefits, CC creams may be the right choice.


DDs (“dynamic do-all” or “dynamic do-it-all”)


Designed to diffuse light, a DD’s strongest asset is its arsenal of anti-agers—usually some combination of botanical oils, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides. They’re best for aging skin, and those who want to focus on improving tone and diminishing wrinkles over time. The best DDs are ideal for covering up wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots, and also work to actually battle all three while you wear them.


The no makeup policy. Say what? It’s sad to think about, but some people are restricted from wearing makeup at work or school; such rules exist at some private schools, military posts, hospitals, medical facilities, and even restaurants. On the plus side, going naked from the neck up saves time in the morning! But for a lot of us, there are also those days when the idea of full-frontal facial exposure would be (almost) reason enough to fake a sick day. Even if you have to go bare day to day, you can still bend the rules … at least a little. Here are some tips to achieve an easy, natural look—also perfect for those who want a break from an all-done-up routine. 

Creamy, Natural Skin Secrets

Stay away from dry and powdery makeup because it can look cakey. BB cream will give you a dewy finish and help camouflage redness and enlarged pores; I recommend Too Faced Beauty Balm. For a creamy natural-looking complexion, you can also mix foundation with a daily moisturizer and blend it into you face. Imperfections won’t completely disappear, but you’ll be left with a radiant glow that looks anything but phony.

Barely-There Eye Enhancers

Because shadows and liners are a dead giveaway, these lash tricks are something every beauty sleuth ought to know. If you want darker lashes, apply a light coat of brown mascara after using a curler (like the Billy B Beauty Eyelash Curler). This helps to open up and spread the lashes. To add depth and shine to a bare eye, dab a small amount of Vaseline (or a petroleum-free balm like this shea butter–based version from Sula) onto clean lashes—it will also moisturize the follicles and promote growth.

The Subtlest Brow Tamers

Well-groomed brows are the first step toward a great face. But unless your name is Cara Delevingne, you’re going to need a little help filling in the blanks. Forget the precarious pencil—we love the Tinted Brow Gel from Anastasia. The mascara-like formula tints the brow hairs rather than the skin, and even helps keep strays in place. An old tube of clear mascara is a good solution for taming brows, too. 

The No-Blush Cheek Flush

Even though our cheeks take up the most space on our face, they are one of the less conspicuous places to add a little color—emphasis on little. Stay away from red and fuschia blushes and stick to a brush-on bronzer for an instant authentic glow. For the most natural look use a no-fuss pressed powder formula that’s a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Hoping for something more rosy? Try a sheer, balmy cream like Korres Cheek Butter for a controllable, dewy flush. It leaves your skin with that fresh-from-the-gym wash of color. 

The Sheerest Long-Lasting Lip

When pretending to go au naturale on the face, the last thing you want is for lipstick to give you away. The secret to a fabulous natural-looking pout is a stain with a light tint (I like Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain). So save your mattes, shimmers, and semi glosses for another day! A stain will last for hours, and if you really want an understated shine that no one will question, top it with chapstick. To even and define the mouth, find a lip liner that matches your natural lip color.

There is a natural order to accomplishing most anything in life: Lather, rinse, repeat. Love, marriage, baby in a carriage. High school, college, job (if you’re lucky). But some things, like putting on a fresh face of makeup, are a little more complicated.

What do you do first: Apply lipstick or focus on eyes? Where does blush come in? Can you get away with putting liner on after mascara? Of course, not everyone will use all steps, but even if you skip the powder or cheeks, this is a still a good working order to follow!

1: Primer or Moisturizer

Choose one, not both. Moisturizer, no matter how light in texture, will interfere with the function of a primer. Also, always remember to get in your sunscreen, whether SPF is built into your primer, moisturizer, or foundation.

2: Foundation

 When product falls onto bare skin, the pigment can be even harder to remove. It’s better to create a canvas with the foundation and then correct any mistakes as a finishing touch.

3: Concealer

Here is where you look at your face with a critical eye and add concealer sparingly, only on blemishes or dark circles. You want to wait until after the foundation because foundation will do a lot of the job for you.

4: Powder

Set it all with a very light dusting of translucent powder. This will help make it easier to remove fallout from eye shadow and give the base time to settle in while you apply the rest of your makeup.

5: Eyes or lips

After the face, I usually do the eyes first, but sometimes I’ll start with the lips because it gives me time to think about what I really want to do on the eyes.

For Eyes: shadow > liner > then mascara. But always go back and layer. Add a little more liner at the lash line, an extra pop of shimmer shadow in the center of the lid, etc.

For Lips: balm > liner > lipstick > then gloss. Smudging liner all over your lips and rubbing it in with fingertips before applying lipstick. And of course, use gloss only if you want!

6: Cheeks

I do the cheeks last for two reasons. One, it ties the eyes and lips together. Two, if you’re using a powder, you can sweep it across the lids after the eye makeup is done to add an extra pop.

{August 27, 2013}   Tired Eyes No More!


Step 1: No matter what your skin color,always choose a creamy concealer with a yellow undertone. It’ll counteract with undereye darkness. For extra precision apply with a brush. *Always put on concealer before foundation. Sometimes thats all you need!*


Step 2: Remember the skin around your eyes are delicate…DON’T RUB!! Instead blend concealer by pressing it in with your ring finger-its the weakest one,so it has the softest gentlest touch.


Step 3: Dusting with powder that matches your skin tone(bonus if it has a little radiance to brighten the area) will set your concealer.*To avoid looking cakey use a light hand when applying powder.


Step 4: BEAUTIFUL!! REMEMBER: if the concealer settles into your lines by midday, smooth your ring finger over it. the warmth will melt it back into place(your skin).


Ok darr-lliinggss many of you remember my last blog about this foundation and how horrifically terrified i am of it and nervous to try it “new” formula. I went into my favorite cosmetic store weekly as i do. I’ve been stalling about buy the new formula so I thought that yesterday would be the day! OMG dar-lings you would not believe that i almost broke out into a panic attack!! Yes a panic attack!! Some of you may say “oh your just being dramatic” or some of you might laugh but its true! My heart literally started pounding out of my chest!

I am so serious that “true match” has ” Truly Traumatized” me! This is definitely a first for me. I went with my mom( she likes to get beauty advice from me) and she started down right laughing. I couldn’t believe it my mother laughing(although it was pretty funny after my heart pulsed backed at normal rate). Let me tell you why I went into a traumatic flashback.

First I didn’t have the best experience with the old formula. I stood in front of the product trying to find my “NEW” perfect match(and when i say “new” i mean pun intended AND sarcastically and Im rolling my eyes as well LOL). Second OMG WHAT THE HECK the newer shades(by the way the newer formulas are for the darker skin tones) are EVEN MORE DARKER!!! L’Oreal what the heck are you thinking!!?? I thought that you had it right this time but it seems you’ve made an even bigger mess!! Just drop the darker shades because it’s becoming a bit insulting!!

When I saw that darker shade flashbacks started resurfacing in the fore front of my mind igniting the panic attack lol. Not only was the one TWO darker wrong shades! Darr-lliinnggss I cant wait to give you my review on it but I am no fool. I’ll give you the review but it’ll be from the view,opinion and application from someone else face! No freaking way I’m putting that foolishness on my face again! As always my darr-lliinngss stay tuned on this heck of a mess called foundation(but not from the likes of my face lol)!

{December 19, 2012}   Cover Girl Clean Foundation


Where do I start with this foundation! I’m usually not the one to judge on the first impression. I try to give cosmetics a second try just like people(in some cases). I must wonder what was cover Girl thinking! Everything including packaging is wrong. Lets start with the packaging. The foundation comes in this thick,class oval-shaped bottle,with I am not a fan of. The bottle is just down right ugly to me. The jar is just to thick for me, I’m not twelve! I don’t need a foundation bottle that look child proof. I bottom of the bottle is clear glass! Great so I’m purchasing a product that doesn’t use the entire bottle,Which makes me wonder am i paying for the packaging or product(I’m not buying chips I’m buying foundation!! some of you “get it”)!

Lets get to the foundation. ugh!! It’s just like the bottle,thick and ugly! First its hard to shake up with means that the product can separate in return will not give you the best color or coverage for your skin tone. My problem with it is when I try to place some on my hands I have to shake the bottle with all my energy. The foundation is so thick it doesn’t “pour” properly at all. I end up with never enough. Again this  foundation similar to LO’real true match and others. All these cosmetic companies want to give everyone their “perfect match” but the problem is there are sssooo many skin tones that you can’t possibly “categorize”,trying to put 5 skin tones in one jar doesn’t work. If your one of the lucky ones where a foundation matches your foundation than great! But for many of us especially Latino,African Americans and Asians,its hard to find a perfect match.

This is not the face of clean. Its cakey to thick it doesn’t give a smooth clean glide. Your fingers are the best blenders. With this foundation you have to use a sponge. Cover Girl Clean Foundation is a waste of money. The bottle is not cute, I feel like I’m wasting money because the foundation isn’t at the bottom of the jar. The foundation is cakey,to thick and it’s just not a smooth application,from the”pouring” to applying it to your face. This foundation literally sits on your face.

This foundation is very,very dated! It was the original foundation was the original foundation! which explains everything about it! I have no problem with Cover Girl trying to keep the originality but we need an updated version! I get what they are trying do to do this is a 1960 foundation! 1960!! Cover Girl its time to update with a smoother formula and more diverse foundation options not only for skin tones but skin types as well! Go back to the drawing board Cover Girl LITERALLY!

{December 11, 2012}   L’oreal True Match…


ok guys i missed last week,hey its holiday time lol! whats on my mind today in the world of makeup…before i begin if i havent already mentioned i lloovveee mass market cosmetics! i feel that if they are good enough for the models that get paid to advertise them then they are good enough for me. each cosmetic brand caters to a particular women, should you spend 50 bucks on a foundation when you can pay 10 bucks for it?! it depends of the type of look you’re looking for. Sometimes the cheaper product is the best product. I am Not in bashing L’Oreal. I am bashing L’Oreal True Match foundation I must say is the worst! For African-American skin what the heck are you trying to match,our skin complexion with a tan times 10!! I’ve given it two tries and i just cant do it anymore. It’s no balance..I was told “based on my complexion” im a “cocoa c8”. I thought was to dark in the first darn place. Since these are the “pros” and have a shade matches there you’d think they know what they’re talking about! If i go down a shade it’s too light. I am a blending guru i promote blending all the time that’s one of the most important elements of makeup next to skin care. Blending that mess on my face til went M.I.A! in other words i took it off! Obviously im not the first minority to complain about this.Checking back in the store(cus im there every week,literally) L’Oreal decides to come out with a “better” version of the foundation. Some of you may have noticed that on the True Match label it has “truer match” or something to that. Its only on the darker foundations which means that they’ve had several complaints from minorities about this. First off IF its my “true match” then why the heck do I need a “truer match”.I don’t know you guys should i give this “newer version” a try?? i do commend them for trying again that’s what your suppose to do…make your wrongs right. But stick to what you know and foundation for minorities is not one of them. Of course I have to blog about if it actually works! Now a while back Beyoncé got flack about a L’Oreal commercial saying that she was too edited(i.e. photoshopped) she was much lighter in her skin than her actually complexion. I do understand that a lot of these cosmetic companies don’t really advertise what the product does they advertise what We want to hear. I am very disappointed with this foundation. Its greasy, doesn’t give you a true finish. Personally im a light browned skin woman and c8 made me look like i had tanned for 2 weeks in Jamaica(no joke). Of course you only need a small amount because with this product a little does go a long way. As for me I am what some consider the glamour type. I don’t care if you know I have makeup on. we all have it on whether it noticeable or not so why should i care what someone thinks. *sighs* yeah ill try it again but I’m not optimistic about any New results.

I know what some of you gurus are thinking” well different factors come into play like type of skin, if you need concealed etc) blah. It says true match so that’s what i expect especially in this “time” of makeup where everyone wants to look natural(please). Point is i tried it and didn’t work but I will buy the “better version” and let you know what I think of it. Readers be for worn! Unless you are you’re looking for a tan look at a cheap price then this foundation is for you, otherwise please don’t purchase to on your first interview. you’ll wonder why, because your neck,skin,chest and face are nine different shades lol! Stay tuned!

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