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When we think of the colour blue,water usually comes to mind,along with thoughts of tranquility and peace. Water and beauty make perfect companions,as many spa resorts around the world testify. Our bodies are composed of 70 percent water and need constant replenishment to maintain health. Another health-inspiring colour, green signifies renewal, life and the freshness of the great outdoors. It calls to mind veggies and lush green grass, leading us to connect the colour with nutrition.


Fun Facts:

Experts agree that you should have 8 glasses of water everyday

Water is the ultimate facial. Skin needs water for elasticity, and lack of water leaves skin looking dry and feeling delicate.

Sunken eyes and under-eye circles are the tell-tale signs that you need water. Dark circles are due to thin skin being bruised as fluid drains away.

Water helps to prevent the sagging skin that usually follows fat loss. It plumps up the shrinking cells and leaves the skin clear,healthy, and resilient.

Water aids concentration. Your body needs water to help flush out poisons from pollutants, junk food, and additives. If you are dehydrated, toxins hang around in the liver,making you tired and unable to concentrate. Water washes the poisons out and gets the system moving.

Water both prevents and remedies fluid retention. When you’re feeling puffy, as women often do before a period, drinking water isnt your immediate thought, but its your best treatment

Water is a great cure-all. Three quarters of your brain is water,so if you’re dehydrated, the brain is one of the first organs to be affected. Drinking eight glasses of water a day will usually prevent dehydration. If your a migraine-sufferer, there is also evidence that drinking a glass of water every 30 minutes will reduce attacks.

Green veggies contain varying amounts of potent phytochemicals such as lutein and indoles,which are thought to have great antioxidant, health-promoting benefits.

Increasing fruit and veggie consumption may reduce the risk of developing chronic bronchitis


IF YOU LIKE GREEN:Green-lovers are seekers of balance and harmony. Kind and generous, their perception and awareness in relationships are good, so its not surprising that they are great joiners of clubs and organizations. People who like green are said to be meticulous about detail, and certainly you will have an enviable ability to recognize the essentials of any situation. The downside is that green-lovers dislike sudden surprises,so they may be less inclined to risk something new and may tend toward conventionality and routine. They also often have big appetites for food-and for gossip. If you love the colour green,experiment with shadows and liners, combining subtle, soft shades of mint and earthy tones around your eyes.

IF YOU DISLIKE GREEN: Since lovers of green are usually very sociable people, those who dislike green tend to be resistant to the established way of seeing or doing things. They may have an unfulfilled need to be recognized that causes them to pull away from,rather than join, people. 


IF YOU LIKE BLUE: The colour of calm and peace wins out as the favorite colour choice universally. Although apparently cool and confident, blue-lovers can sometimes be vulnerable and sensitive. They have a great need for trust and the tendency to form strong attachments. Betrayal is the worst hurt. In consequence, people who like blue tend to stick to their own close circle of friends and are less likely to speak or act independently. The blue personality sometimes has perfectionist tendencies that can make these individuals unrealistic and demanding in their relationships with others. If you are in the majority and love the colour blue, there are many ways to incorporate it into your beauty regime. Try a sultry midnight blue eyeliner or a dusty blue shadow on the lids.

IF YOU DISLIKE BLUE: A dislike of blue may mean restlessness and a desire for stimulation and excitement. These types often have a longing for the good things in life and wish they didnt have to work so hard to get them. To these people, blue represents sadness, and the colour may induce melancholy.




{August 28, 2013}   Lipstick Done Right


Step 1: Swipe it on straight from the tube, put it on BEFORE applying lip liner for better results. When people use the pencil first, they tend to overdo it. *For the most natural effect, pick a shade that matches the inside of your bottom lip*



Step 2: LIner is absolute key! Liner keeps your lipstick from feathering or bleeding. Pick a shade close to your lipstick to prevent it from looking too harsh. Trace the pencil along the edge of your lips,then use it fill them in a little on the top of the colour, which will help it last longer.



Step 3: Blot your mouth with a tissue,then dab on a second coat of lipstick(DONT SWIPE OR YOULL SMUDGE THE LINER). To finish, pat your lips together several times like you’re saying “ma,ma,ma” to distribute shade evenly.*This is the right way to tissue-blot(NOT BETWEEN YOUR LIPS)*



Gorg Lips!! Look how fresh and elegant your lips look!! Do these steps in the morning your lips will stay gorgeous all the way to lunch. *A peachy shade is ideal for yellowish or olive skin,berry looks great on dark skin, and a rosy pink works on everyone.*

Energizing and reinvigorating colours, oranges and corals are daring and upfront. Just seeing these shades lifts and lightens the mood. Influential and independent people are said to be the strongest advocates of orange, perhaps because they are more secure in indulging offbeat tastes. Orange is known as a favorite of the design-conscious and self-motivated. The colour makes us think of the sun and warmth, the glow of embers in a fire, and autumn leaves. Orange is a colour you can taste. The citrus bursts into your mouth and awakens the senses. Vitamin C, the main vitamin associated with oranges being infused into skincare and anti-aging creams are increasing daily, proving how full of vitality orange can truly be.


Oranges and corals really zing against the skin,but do choose hues that work with your skin tone. Darker skins can take deep saturated corals on the cheeks or lips, but pale skins need a sheer shade that gives just a hint of colour. Consider the density of the colour you are using, whether it is sheer or opaque. Translucent oranges can be worked in layers over bare skin to create a luminous glow, while rich shades can be combined with golds for an intense and vibrant feel.

Orange is a colour for all seasons. A bright and shimmery coral is undeniably better in summer and spring, while deep, gold-accented orange seems right when the temperature drops. Spring is the perfect time of the year for peach cheeks and lips. Think of cinnamon-orange for lip colour in winter and zesty citruses in the hot months.

Experiment with orange eyes and cheeks, or cheeks and lips, but dont match up the whole look. A coral blush,brushed on the apples of the cheeks, combined with a wash of clear orange eyeshadow, will prettify the face(yes i said prettify lol).

Combine corals and orange shades with nudes and neutrals for a natural look. Wearing such strong colours requires that you tone down the overall look a little to give it some subtlety. The orange will also lift the neutrals a little.

Tan hands and feet look great with orange nail polish. It makes a fresh change from reds and pinks and works especially well on toes when worn with a pair of slinky gold stilettos. To liven it up, add a coat of pale-colored shimmer or gold glitter over deep coral polish to make your fingers and toes sparkle.

Fun Facts: Orange is the colour of love and happiness to the Chinese and Japanese, while the orange robes of Buddhist monks represent humility

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange”-Vincent Van Gogh

Orange notes warmth and wholesomeness, and it has a broad appeal.

It says you are willing to take chances,so its a good colour to wear when you’re meeting new people

Orange and coral shades are fresh and vital colours, and stimulate energy so they work especially well when combined with active wear

Ambers and burnt oranges are warming and wintry in feel; wear them when you want to kindle deep passions over a candlelight dinner

Orange lets others know you are discerning and one-of-a-kind(think about how do your forget someone wearing a bright loud colour)


IF YOU LIKE ORANGE AND CORAL: Orange and coral are a combo of red and yellow,so they take on many of the characteristics of both colours. With the physical force of red, the colours are vibrant and warm, but less intense,less passionate. Lovers of these colours work hard, but spend their leisure time seeking adventure. Very good-nature, sociable, and extroverted, they are known as the life of the life of the party. They can be fickle and can make undependable mates-they are always looking for new worlds to conquer. If you prefer peach tones, you have all of the same traits as the orange-loving person, but you are much less assertive about it. If you love orange, indulge your colour craving in a peachy blush or a coral eyeshadow.

IF YOU DISLIKE ORANGE AND CORAL: Life is not always a happy affair for those who reject orange and coral. Nothing dramatic appeals to them, and they shy away from too much showing off, loud laughter, and overzealous partying. If you are one of these types, you may be a loner but also more loyal than, and not as fickle as, an orange-lover

{November 20, 2012}   introduction

Hello World I’m known as “Maybelline Queen”.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Let me start by giving you a little background of who I am. First i must say that i never ever grew up into makeup never knew much about it. Now that I think about it I was never considered to be a “girly-girl”. Growing up the most I wore was lip gloss. It all started in college, I decided to take a trip to the Mac counter to purchase makeup. I initially went to Mac because I had an event coming up and needed to look flawless. Now this was in 2002 at that time Mac didn’t charge for nearly as much as they do now for a makeover. As long as you bought at least 30 dollars in product they did your face for free(the entire face). You can say I was hooked from that point on(on makeup). Still not knowing anything about makeup I wore Mac for about 3 years until i was introduced to Mary Kay Cosmetics(yes i went to a Mary Kay party). I was so impressed with the foundation 507 it was(still is) my perfect match! Unlike Mac where my face was one color and neck was another. Eventually like most I became a MK Consultant,mostly to get the 50% off product instead of buying full price from a consultant lol! In the beginning I spent more money buying the product than actually selling anything! Sold MK for 5 years and did fairly well until i wanted to venture out and try different products. Between then and about 3 years ago I tried different cosmetics some good some not so good(ladies you know the story we all have some foundation we bought and still looking at wondering why did I buy that!)

Which brings me to Maybelline Queen. As a African American woman(I’m sure other women will agree)there wasn’t much out there for us(now theres 100s of options)! Until Maybelline FIT ME Foundation arrived I was a little lost. I never forget trying FIT ME and couldn’t believe it actually FIT ME! I know some of you are thinking”well why didn’t you stay with MK foundation” well because I felt I was outgrowing not just the cosmetic line but the business as well.  I have been hooked on Maybelline and every product they put on the market ever since! Have I tried other lines, sure have! But Maybelline seems to work for me! Out of the 128 products they offer Ive tried all of them excluding non water proof mascaras(I’m a sucker for waterproof anything) and consistently them all.

In this blog I’m not here to endorse any company!Just here to share my opinions,tips and secrets to providing a flawless look. Ive been a “makeup artist” for over 10 years. Have used many products(not just on me but others) and want to share my experiences and lessons with you.I’ll discuss mass markets products(maybelline,cover girl,revlon,and loreal) Although i use these products(on clients) i use Maybelline on Me(i.e. Maybelline Queen)!

In writing all this hopefully I was able to let you into my world a bit,if not continue reading and you will find yourself in the world of Maybelline Queen!

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