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{November 25, 2013}   Angela Bassett Graces JET Magazine Cover, Talks Raising Twins & Using A Surrogate

Black America Web

Angela Bassett — the 55-year-old proof that Black doesn’t crack! — graces the cover of the December 16th issue of JET looking more beautiful than ever. The stunning Black Nativity star opened to the magazine about her children facing racism and her personal struggles with infertility.

“The kids were playing one day, and a blonde, blue-eyed girl said that she didn’t want my daughter to be a part of the family. My son stood up to her and asked the child how would she feel if she was treated like that, and the girl said ‘bad.’ They were only 4 years old at the time,” Bassett said of her twins Bronwyn and Slater, whom were born via a surrogate in January 2006.

She went on to reveal the reason why she chose the surrogacy route.

“After trying and trying, I unfortunately couldn’t have my babies,” she said. “It was my…

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