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{November 12, 2013}   9 Bizarre Japanese Beauty Gadgets To Build A Better You

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Beauty Nose

Wearing this once a day for five minutes is supposed to give you the prominent, pointy (more Anglo-Saxon?) nose of your dreams. You may also find that you can’t smell anything. And that your nose hurts.

Beauty High Lift Nose

Electric vibrations will allegedly create the “perfect profile” if you wear this for three minutes a day. Wait: Buzzing gadgets make your bones change shape? Vibrator, meet garbage can.

Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

These silicone goggle thingies apply “gentle pressure” on your skin and “push those sagging eyes back up to where they once were!” Wear them as you’re driving to work and pretend to be Racer X.

Beauty Voice Trainer

It might look like an adult pacifier, but this mouthpiece trains your voice to “maximize your vocal potential while singing.” What better way to prepare for that upcoming karaoke night? Tuning fork included.

Aluminum Facial Spa

This iron…

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