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{November 11, 2013}   Robyn Lawley for Cosmopolitan Australia December 2013


Cosmopolitan Australia : Everyone’s talkin’ about Robyn


Robyn Lawley’s kick ass approach to body image and Cosmo bikini shoot have caught global attention.

She’s been featured in the pages of Cosmo for years. Why? Because she’s drop-dead gorgeous (and she also doesn’t happen to be a size 6). And now Robyn Lawley and her kickin’ curves are getting some serious global attention.

The 24-year-old Aussie who’s modelled for Ralph Lauren and numerous times for Cosmoappeared on a pro-ana Facebook page coveting “thigh gap” (the gap at the top of the thighs that some women have when they’re standing with their feet together) where users began calling her names and saying she was “too fat”. Sickening, right?

So rather than ignore her haters, Robyn has spoken out in an opinion piece for The Daily Beast about thigh gap, why it’s not healthy and why she’s not ashamed of her body:

“The truth…

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