Maybelline Queen

{November 11, 2013}   Instant Heel Relief!



High heels instantly glam up any outfit and can make your legs look leaner and fiercer. But if you need to break them in or aren’t used to them, a few paces can be excruciating. Here are a few feet-saving tricks that can save you from uncomfortable walks and blisters.


But Darr-llings, don’t hold onto a pair of heels if they absolutely kill you. If you wear ill-fitting heels too often, your feet can grow corns and calluses or develop ingrown toenails. The hours of pain and the risk of spraining your ankle just isn’t worth it!


Tricks & Tips Save your feet from high heels


  1. Band-aids & moleskin Nearly every woman I know always has a stash of Band-aids in her bag and car. They are the perfect solution for your feet when you need a quick fix. A thicker alternative are self-adhesive moleskin that come in sheets or pre-cut shapes.I usually buy the sheets and cut them to fit my feet.

  2. Anti-friction sticks These stick balms are life savers for your feet! Apply the balm directly to the spots where the shoe is making you uncomfortable and reapply as needed. One of my favorites is Dr. Scholl’s For Her Rub Relief Stick but any anti-friction or anti-blister stick will work. Many runners use these types of sticks on their body to avoid blisters and chaffing. 

  3. Hair product If you’re in a pinch and your shoe is rubbing you the wrong way, apply an anti-frizz serum to the troubled spot and place a Band-aid on top.

  4. Foot pads & insoles Sometimes you just need extra padding to make your heels comfortable. Pads and insoles come in a range of different sizes and for certain parts of your feet (heel, ball, whole foot) so choose accordingly. You can find these products in the foot area at your drugstore or shoe retailer. 

MaybellineQueenTip: These tips apply to any type of shoe that needs breaking in, so experiment and try different techniques to suit your needs.


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