Maybelline Queen

{November 11, 2013}   Brows Need Love Too!!


Well-shaped eyebrows can do wonders to frame your face (Brooke Shields’ brows even defined her look!).

Brows are the most important feature on our face.They serve as a communication tool and if shaped correctly, brows can balance our facial features. To achieve the correct brow shape, a few key points need to be identified: the shape of the face and the hair growth pattern of the brows (some grow upward while grow downward):

How To Proper Eyebrow Placement

  1. Beginning point of brow Hold a brow pencil or brush vertically from the inner corner of eye up toward the eyebrow. This is where the eyebrow should start.

  2. The arch The brow arch or highest point of a brow shape should directly be above the outer rim of the iris. The arch is usually 2/3 of the length of the eyebrow.

  3. Brow ending point Hold a brow pencil or brush diagonally at the base of the nose to the outer corner of the eye and extend it past the brow. The end point is where the ruler intersects with the brow. This prevents brows from appearing too long or short.

Types Eyebrow Fillers

  1. Brow pencils If you already have defined eyebrows or only need to fill in small gaps of missing hair, pencil is the way to go. I suggests using light and subtle strokes for a natural look. If you draw too hard, your eyebrows will look too harsh and drawn in.

  2. Brow powder To softly enhance eyebrows, choose a powder shade that’s lighter than your hair color. Powders are great to fill in sparse brows that need definition and shape. Dip a firm, slanted angle brush in the powder and use light, short strokes to fill in brows. To blend the powder into your brows, brush the hairs with spoolie or a clean mascara brush. Seal in the color with a clear brow gel.

  3. Brow pens Liquid pens are not as scary as you think. If you use soft and feathery strokes, you can fill in your eyebrows naturally. Another great thing is that the color is smudge-proof, so you won’t run the risk of your brows disappearing by lunch.

  4. Brow gels Tinted or clear brow gel will help shape eyebrows without adding intense definition. Gels hold your brows in place all day without flaking or drying down too hard. If you sleep on your face, you might wake up with your eyebrows out of whack. A brow gel will help tame and keep them in place. These brow gels have a lightweight gel texture and are either clear or pigmented. You can use the brow gel alone (just swipe and go) or use after you apply brow pencils or powders to set them.

MaybellineQueenTip: Unless you like bold eyebrows, always start with a small amount of brow product. It’s easier to add more color than it is to take off.


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