Maybelline Queen

{November 8, 2013}   No More Colour Clashing!


It’s understandable why there’s a tendency, in makeup, to err on the conservative side, especially when it comes to wearing multiple colors together. Most of us tend to stick to vivid hues on one feature only, in efforts to rightfully avoid the whole red lips–blue eyeshadow Bozo effect.


Try one color family per feature

For those starting to play with clashing at home, Brande suggests starting with one color per feature—blues on eyes, orange on the lips, and so on. It’s a good way to try out multiple hues in one look without drifting into an overly costumey territory.

Keep it light

Use washes of color to make contrasting shades more wearable. For this look, I went with a mint green on eyes, paired with sheer orange gloss on both cheeks or lips.

Check the wheel

As I’ve already shown, a color-clashed look can run the gamut from soft and subtle to more in-your-face. To help figure out where you want to fall on the spectrum, pay attention to the colour wheel Colours opposite one another on the wheel (aka complementary colours) will give you the most visually striking look.

Detail the lids and lashes

If you want to try clashing on a much smaller scale,  trying a bright eyeliner that contrasts with your shadow in the waterline or smudged between the lashes. For even more fun, experiment with colored mascara in a clashing shade.


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