Maybelline Queen

{October 30, 2013}   Cold Weather Looks I Love

The In Between Girls


3df564135b134329b4faa35e4587786afall outfit scarf bootsoutfit fall dress navy jacket9d59cbe7e4653401733ddfabca700f5861207b555397283e727412a51828345d4f78e89648ee175b5f2489657040d50a8617b65a3a7add299609816f021d76f69f798d6ba22ea377c5c506954376471ef838a7dedca4c3e7ea519c3c1c4ffa7c2849bab8dde66244270aca22dee719ad074c3900b2facc57c1a4fa1b29ea696eout61a8ea968eecb5fa845dcea4fbde8af4728559db1_600fd8b5f496fe4c068f31faf885098da191f65ba748bf629aa9d418ed2a1646436

*These images are not mine, click on the photo for their respective sources

(or at least where I got them from)

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