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{October 7, 2013}   Miley Cyrus, We’re Tired Of the Granny Panties. Here Are Three Full-Coverage Outfits That We Promise Will Still Get People Talking

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Miley Cyrus Today ShowGetty

By now, Miley Cyrus has made it abundantly clear that she may never wear pants again. The star has amassed a truly impressive collection of retro briefs, high-waisted cutoffs and leotards that all but guarantees that she’ll indefinitely never have to cover her upper thighs.

That’s all well and good; her bod is sick and she can do whatever she wants. Our problem with her refusal to wear pants isn’t that she’s being scandalous, it’s that we’re bored to tears by the repetitiveness of it all. But we get it — she’s young, and as she informed Matt Lauer Monday morning on the Today show, she really wants the attention.

And since our moms taught us that there’s no point in complaining without presenting a solution, we’ve rounded up three wild looks straight from the Paris runways for the star. We guarantee these will fulfill her need for…

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