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Anton J. Gunn, Director of External Affairs in the Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, answers your questions about Obamacare and tells you how you should prepare for the changes.

What is the web site for young folks to receive more info on the Affordable Care Act?
You should know that thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young people under the age of 26 are eligible to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan. Both young people and parents interested in learning more should visit or use the free call center at 1-800-318-2596.

How does the Affordable Care Act help people like me?
Whether you’re uninsured, you’ve been denied coverage in the past, or you just want to explore new options, the Health Insurance Marketplace will give you more choices and control over your health…

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Makeup is now a click away, but with the digital marketplace so vast and crowded, you’re sometimes forced to question the integrity of the makeup you’re buying. If you buy from a disreputable vendor, how can you be sure if a product is from the correct collection? Over the past few years, counterfeit beauty has emerged as a serious issue online and has fooled even the smartest of shoppers. This problem is a health-related matter as well—if you’re not using the real product, who knows what you’re actually putting on your face and body? While corporations have taken huge measures to help prevent counterfeiting and fraud, it’s also up to the consumer (you!) to be equipped with proper beauty knowledge. Become a proactive online shopper and you’ll never have to question your beauty products again!

1. Know the collections.

When you’re making a purchase, cross-reference all of the product data you find. Ask yourself: Did the brand really make that shade of lip gloss that season? How much did it cost? What color was the product? You can easily spot a knockoff fragrance if it is clear instead of amber or has a bright yellow hue—some counterfeiters actually blend urine (ew!) and alcohol in knockoff perfumes instead of the actual scent! Whether you have 10 months or 10 years of brand knowledge in your head, the Internet is still a valuable cosmetic database that has all the information you need. Do your research.

2. Study the packaging.

Do you know the difference between matte and glossy packaging? Do you know how certain brands always label their products? If the product photo doesn’t visually match the identity of the brand, search an image database and see if you can spot the differences. Remember that brands occasionally create specially designed limited releases, but trust your gut if you see any potential red flags. Observe with a critical eye.

3. Trust the source.

What site are you shopping from? How does it process credit cards? Do you trust the seller? Ideally, you should buy makeup online from well-known reputable sites such as,,, and These online retailers take expansive measures to protect against credit card fraud and identity theft online. If you’re thinking of ordering from a smaller, independent company, first ask your friends and family if they’ve had transaction experiences with that site. Protect yourself.

MaybellineQueen TIP

If you’re on the hunt for a discontinued beauty essential, it’s hard to resist clicking “buy” on an independent site that miraculously stocks the product. But think about it—who actually knows what condition those products are in? Instead, reach out to the brand’s customer service line first. Representatives can help you track down your favorite products or recommend better alternatives for you to try.

{September 30, 2013}   Am I Wearing The Right Bangs!!??.

While many of the worst haircut horror stories include some sort of disastrous fringe experiment, the truth is bangs get a bad wrap. With the right cut, the face-framing strands can dramatically improve your overall bone structure and instantly add a youthful vibe. Not sure if a severe crop will suit you? Fear not! Before you take the plunge, check out MaybellineQueen’s guide to the most flattering fringe for your face shape.

“The oval shape can rock pretty much any style of bangs,” says hairstylist Chris Lopalluto of the Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger salon in New York City. “Create a chic statement by trying full, thick bangs, but make sure the strands hit above lashes and below the brow.”

“Opt for long layers that hang below the cheekbones on both sides to soften the boxy shape,” says Chris. “Blunt bangs can work, but only if forehead fringe hangs heavy below the eyebrows and is tapered on the sides.”

“If your face is top-heavy, feathered side-swept bangs are the way to go,” says Chris. “The longer side layers create a balancing effect by bringing the focus outward at eye level.” The shortest piece should hit right at the eyebrow, while the longest piece should hang around the bottom of the ear.

“Get full bangs that are a bit longer on the sides,” says Chris. The arched fringe will cut the circle shape in half with a soft curved effect. The ends should hang slightly above the brows in the middle of the forehead. With this cut, you can also create a side-swept style.

{September 30, 2013}   Brow Perfection!!

Do you back away from the tweezers when it comes to brows? Eyebrows are arguably one of the most important features on your face—they frame your eyes and express your personality.

With famous brows (such as Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pointed arch or Katharine Hepburn’s straight and flat shape), it’s important to sculpt your brows according to your unique facial proportions. “You have to take your bone structure and features into account when arching your brows”. “You can modify narrow or wide-set eyes by adjusting how much of your middle gap you wax, but I use mathematical proportions when I create the overall brow shape.”

Golden Ratio technique is an easy way to highlight the general areas where you should tweeze. The three lines indicate the beginning of your brow, the highest point of your arch, and the end of your brow. Use the guidelines below to further customize your brows based on the proportions of your face.


To balance the length of your face, avoid arches and stick to thick, straight-arched brows.


You have the opposite problem of a long face, so lengthen with thin brows that have higher arches.


To slim the middle region of your face, keep your brows medium-thick with an arched brow. “The trick here is to keep the brow ends long,” says Anastasia. “The longer brow creates a triangular symmetry between your brows and chin that gives the illusion of a heart shape.”


To widen an oval face, keep your brows shorter to create the appearance of larger cheeks.


This face shape can hold most brow styles except for straight brows.


Soften an angular face with naturally-shaped brows. Avoid dramatic arches or overly flat brows that can enhance a strong jawline.

MaybellineQueen TIP

Many end up with angry-looking brows (worn by Snow White’s wicked queen on the right) because they tweeze too much or overdose on the Botox. Remedy this by letting a few rows of hair grow back underneath the brow. The flattened brow shape reduces the distance between the lashes and the arch, creating a friendlier expression.

{September 30, 2013}   What’s My Face Shape

Many misdiagnose their facial features, so we’re here to teach you an easy way to find out what kind of face you’re working with.

Step 1


To find your face shape with this technique, you’ll need a dry-erase  marker, a mirror, and your face. You can substitute lipstick or lip liner if you don’t have any erasable markers.

Step 2


Stand directly in front of your mirror with your hair pulled back. Stay completely still as you trace an outline of your face with your marker or lipstick.

Step 3


Once you’ve finished drawing an outline of your face, stand back and take a look at the results. Is the shape oblong or short? Where does your face widen and taper? Use the gray shapes in the chart to cross-reference your shape with common facial structures.


The most common face shape. Your facial features are spaced in even proportion.


Your face shape is similar to an oval shape, but with more length added to the forehead and chin.


Your face is wider than others, with more emphasis on your cheeks and chin.


Your face is slightly more oblong, with a well-defined jaw and hairline.


You have the same chiseled features of a rectangular face, with shorter proportions.


Your narrow forehead widens to a more pronounced jawbone.


Your hairline and chin mark the narrowest points of your face, while your cheekbones are the widest. This dramatic contrast in width creates a diamond shape.


Your widest features are at the top of your face, gradually tapering to a narrow chin.


Your face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a heart-shaped hairline. Your cheeks widen at the temples, but thin out above the chin.

From time to time, we all make mistakes when we buy makeup. Like that blood orange lipstick that you bought. You hoped it would turn you into a Robert Palmer girl, but it made you look like you have a Sunny D mustache. Before you try to return it (good luck with that) or throw it out, remember that one girl’s trash is another girl’s perfect shade.

So instead of chucking your unwanted beauty buys, get your friends together for a Beauty Swap party. It’s like a clothing swap, but with beauty products. Guests bring gently used or new-and-ignored items they want to dispose of and everyone goes home with a free swag bag of new-to-you products. Not only may you find a new lipstick to obsess over, but you’ll be doing your part for the planet, as well.

Here are my six best tips for a successful beauty swap!

1: Pick a date and guests wisely

If cocktails and trial-and-error makeup application is involved, weekends are ideal.You don’t want to be showing up to a morning meeting the next day if that temporary dye hasn’t washed out. There’s no hard, fast rules on the number of party attendees, but make sure to stipulate that everyone checks with the host first before extending the invitation to other friends. When swapping beauty products, you want the vibe to be a little less flea market and little more exclusive (not to mention hygienic).

2: Set the ground rules

Each attendee must bring items to swap—makeup, brushes, hair products, fragrance, and nail polish are all welcome. You might want to stipulate that everyone bring both drugstore and higher-end brands so that you don’t end up with piles of dollar-store Halloween makeup. Ask that everyone show up on time (so that all have fair dibs on the goods) and that they bring a bag to carry home their haul. A couple of things you should probably avoid swapping altogether: mascara and lip glosses with wand applicators.

3: Create separate stations for products and sanitation

If you’re hosting, make two stations: one for product display, and one for sanitation. I recommend using cheap, opaque white vinyl shower curtains as tablecloths—guests can feel free to try out swatches on the table’s covered surface and you can quickly fold and toss when the party ends.

• Product station: On your white shower curtain/tablecloth, use permanent marker to write designated areas for eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polish and so on, so that guests can easily group their items accordingly. Scatter jars full of Q-tips across the table for hygienic sampling, and set out some tissues as well.

• Sanitation station: At your sanitation station, you want to provide all necessary tools and products and have them labeled clearly, plus how-to-sanitize instructions for different types of products (again, you can write your directions on the shower curtain/tablecloth with a permanent marker). Fill spray bottles with rubbing alcohol, and leave out cotton pads to clean both makeup and brushes. Lay out two sharpeners, one for lip pencils, one for eye pencils. After shaving off the outermost layer of a pencil, guests should sanitize the sharpener in with alcohol or spray cleaner. Include a jar of 70% alcohol and a couple of small spatulas, for sanitizing lipstick, along with directions on how to do it (shave off a layer with a spatula, and/or dip into a jar of 70% alcohol for a few seconds). Other good cleaning products to have on hand? Brush cleaner—either DIY or Parian Spirit—in clearly marked jars, plus spray cleaner such as Parian’s or Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist.

4: Keep food and drinks separate

Sure you want to be a good host. But be sure to set up your refreshments away from the makeup! And especially, the sanitation station. If you can sequester eats and drinks in a separate room, all the better. Perhaps you can even create your own beauty-themed signature drink.

5: Start swapping!

• Round one: Everyone picks at will. If more than one guest wants the same item and no one is budging, each has to try it on and the party pool votes on who wears it best.
• Round two: Likely, there will still be a ton of stuff that needs to be taken on the table. Now’s the time to get social and recommend products for one another.
• Round three: Gather up the orphans into three piles: (1) items that absolutely no one will want, to be tossed; (2) items to keep for your next beauty swap (invite a few new people); and (3) items to donate to a women’s shelter, especially unused bath and personal care products. (Check to find locations near you.)

6: Make it regular

Before everyone leaves, pick a date for the rerun!

Read more on sanitizing products:
• How to clean makeup brushes
• DIY brush cleaner recipes
• How to sanitize lipstick

{September 26, 2013}   Cuticle Tattoos!


Remember the days of plain–color manicures that chipped in less than a week? Yeah, neither do I. We’re now in an era when the term “nail art” is searched 2.5 million times a month on Google. The nail industry has come a long way since then—celebrities are embracing nail art and blogs, showcasing innovative designs that have popped up across the web. While celebs and bloggers and Instagram have all had a major impact on the growth of the industry, we can’t give them all the credit. Nail products themselves have also been improving, with brands releasing polishes in new formulas and every texture imaginable at a breakneck pace (some 50 brands now offer a version of gel polish, for instance).

It’s an exciting time for nails! But with that said, the nail art market has become a little crowded. So when something original comes across my desk, I take notice. One recent example: cuticle tattoos! Rad Nails, a popular online nail decal shop that has already partnered with Zooey Deschanel, recently released cuticle and nail “tattoos.”

Essentially, they’re temporary tattoos designed to fit your cuticles and nail beds. The effect is cool and eye-catching—if you have a polish color you really love, the tattoos are a good way to draw attention to it and show it off. There are four different shapes, each available in 20-packs that go for $6. Here we used “Your Point” (pointy nested triangles).

Rad Nails Beyond Cuticle with RGB Nail Polish in Pool

The tattoos are fairly easy to apply. After trimming them to fit and peeling off the plastic, you place the decal on your finger (paper side up), add a dab of water, press it into the cuticle area, and that’s it! The only tricky part is that the paper the decals come on is thick, so it can be difficult to see through and get them center-aligned perfectly. Still, after trying them on both the cuticles and inverted onto the nails, paired with some of our favorite nail colors of the moment, we’re on board! I love the final effect and think they’re a great option for changing up your mani in an unexpected way.

What do you think? Would you try cuticle tattoos?

{September 26, 2013}   DIY Lipstick Recipe!
 We love DIY beauty goodies and lipstick in equal measure. After seeing DIY crayon lipstick recipes around the web, I decided it was time to put my own spin on it. Trying a few different formulas, perfected the concoction, and came up with eight must-have color combinations using a trusty 64-pack of Crayola Crayons. And yep, this recipe is pretty safe. Crayons are made mostly of paraffin (found in most lipsticks or chapsticks) and non-toxic, food-grade pigments for a reason—if a kid decides to eat a crayon, it shouldn’t do much damage beyond a stomachache. Better than lead, right?Follow along to make your favorite (or favorites—you’ll probably want to do this more than once). They’re amazing for inexpensive gifts, too.

You Will Need

• 1 whole crayon or a combo of one or more colors, equal to one crayon. You can do 1/2+1/2, or 1/3 of three different crayons, 1/3+2/3 and so on.
• 1/2 tsp shea butter, available at Whole Foods
• 1/2 tsp any type of oil (olive, almond, jojoba, coconut). We used argan.
• Heat source. We used a candle.
• Large metal ladle
• Small metal spoon
• Container with a lid, such as a small empty lip balm jar, small Altoids tin, empty contact lens case, etc.*

• A drop or two of essential oil (we used grapefruit) or extract (like vanilla or almond) for scent
• Glitter, for sparkle! We used Lit Glitter in Liberace S2 in one of our combos


1: Choose your colors! You can pick one shade you like or mix it up to a desired shade. (For this how-to, I picked Gold + Red Violet and added some Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Liberace S2.)

2: Remove the paper wrapping from the crayons.

3: Put your oil and shea butter, plus a drop or two of essential oil if using, in the ladle first.

4: Add your crayon(s). If using just one single color, break it into pieces so that it melts more easily. If you’re mixing colors, you want roughly one crayon worth total (half + half, 1 /3 + 2 /3 and so on).

5: Hover the ladle over a lit candle (about 3 inches away from the flame) and carefully add in your ingredients.

4: Crayons will begin to melt in about 30 seconds. As it melts, slowly stir until all ingredients using a metal spoon. Make sure all ingredients are mixed together.

5: Remove ladle from heat.

6: If adding glitter, stir it in right after you remove ladle from the heat.

7: Using your spoon, pour the mixture into your container. Do this this extremely carefully, as the mixture will be very hot!

8: Let it cool in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

You can control the intensity of the finished product from more sheer to full-coverage. Apply it with your fingers for a tinted lip balm look, or use a brush and layer, layer, layer, for an opaque color.

*You can also do this over a stove top, using a double-boiler, instead of a ladle and candle flame.

**If you prefer yours in stick form, you can also buy any cheap lip balm in a tube. First, empty it. To do that, twist so that the entire stick of balm is dispensed, and pull off the product. Then twist the tube all the way back to the down position. When you get to step 7, use a metal funnel (will be hard to aim without this) and pour your mixture into the tube. Cool in the fridge, and you’re done!

7 Must-Have Colors!

The best part is experimenting with color! With a 64-pack of Crayolas, I mixed several custom shades. Here are our favorite combos I came up with!

(pictured top, in how-to): 1 part Gold + 2 parts Red Violet + Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Liberace S2
(above, left, on model): 1 part Melon + 1 part Magenta
(in compact, clockwise from top left): Sea Green + Turquoise Blue, Red Orange + Wild Strawberry, Wisteria + Mauvelous, Bittersweet + Peach, Silver + Violet, Magenta + Melon. Each of these was a 1:1 ratio.

One final idea: pour your crayon lipstick into a locket! Have you tried DIY lipstick of any sort? Show and tell in the comments!


If yesterday we had just a preview today we have the full collection for women, men and children: ruffeled  jeans with southwestern inspired prints, biker-inspired leather pants , tees, coats, knit jumpers and cardigans, and accessories.

It is the first time when the french designer is experimenting for a menswear collection. And she brings the same effortless style which is always a winner . We can say that it is a deja-vu of the Isabel Marant collections, but at affordable prices. But we don’t mind!

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