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{August 26, 2013}   What Does Your Colour(s) Say About You…Yellow and Gold

makeupYellow recalls the sun, that great disk of fire high in the sky, and that terrible heat of life-giver. Yellow then, makes a forceful statement, suggesting energy and power. It represents the generation of life and the continuity of a new day rising. Gold’s associations are primeval too and it has long been regarded as our most precious metal; turning base metal into gold was the goal of every alchemist. The colour conjures up images of Pre-Columbian artifacts and Egyptian sculptures, along with the worship of the sun and desire for the attainment of the heavens and the gods. These colours are powerful and ancient.

The Sun:

Sunlight provides us with our main source of vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption, maintains a healthy nervous system, and boots the immune system. Just ten minutes of exposure each day will supply us with all the vitamin D we need.

The sun can actually alter moods chemically and even prevent depression. The onset of spring gives thousands of people relief from “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or SAD. This condition is caused by suppression of the powerful neurotransmitter called serotonin in the brain and is experienced that are deprived of sunlight during the dreary winter months.

Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland-a tiny pea-sized organ found in the base of the brain. The pineal gland produces certain types of chemicals called “tryptamines.” One type of tryptamine, melatonin, keeps our body clock aware of night and day and the changing seasons. This is some doctors suggest melatonin supplements to beat jet lag

In stained glass, yellow represents the sun and the treasure of heaven.

If You Like Yellow and Gold:

Lovers of yellow can be highly imaginative, idealistic, creative, and artistic. They are often concerned with the spiritual side of life, They tend to be perfectionists, but love challenges. They make reliable friends and have sunny dispositions. Gold lovers like to be showered with attention and are often egotistical, not liking to be second best. They can be generous, but may be shy, appearing a little aloof. They tend to spend more time talking than doing. They may be impatient with others ideas if they seem less thought out than their own. If you like yellows and golds, use them in expected places like nails or cheeks. Gold shimmer on the cheekbones, eyes, or lips will give you a glamorous look and draw attention to your features.


If You Dislike Yellow and Gold:

People who are not fans of these colours are usually realists. Practical and probably critical of others who are not. They usually thrive on deadlines and detail, and need a signature on the dotted line. Not much for experimentation, they prefer the tired and tested method of doing things.

Fun Facts about Yellow and Golds:

Yellow enhances concentration and is considered an optimistic colour.

Yellow isnt just for sunny summer. Because yellow is the ultimate statement of cheer, its the perfect antidote for a drab winter day. Pick warm, butter shades, or else try yellows that remind you of harvest sunsets and the burnt yellow leaves of autumn.

Dust a scented metallic shimmer on the shoulders and arms and spice up neutral lips and eyes by adding clear gold gloss on top for a little holiday like gold.

Yellow and Golds reflect light, which is why they are so often used to highlight skin and hair colour.

Use shades of gold to accent areas of the face and neck

Pale lemon or canary yellow, can actually look quite lovely on the eyes.






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