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{August 26, 2013}   photo/CHOP : The Art Of Body Image Distortion

Curves a la Mode

Photoshop was initially released in 1988 by brothers John and Thomas Knoll due to their fascination with technology and art. This innovative program was purchased from the brothers by Adobe 3 months after its release. The premise of Photoshop is to edit and boost photographs. It is used by countless magazines and websites. However 23 years after it’s release Photoshop is no longer being used to solely boost the color of photos or tweak landscapes, instead this digital retouching application is now being used to lighten skin, boost cleavage and thin hips.

Our younger generation is growing up exposed to female fabrications. “Perfect” bodies do not exist and the expectations of it being possible to obtain these Photoshop masterpieces has increased negative body images in both women and young girls.

According to Beauty Redifined the average woman sees 600 photoshopped images per day. We’re being conditioned to see aging, stretch…

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