Maybelline Queen

{August 26, 2013}   Flawless Brows

Brows are the keys eyes that look bright and wide open. We all need brow help even those with full brows fill them in.

First comb your brows into the shape with a spooley brush, then use a pencil to make light feathery strokes THROUGHOUT. Go one shade lighter than your natural brow colour. If you are brown or gray use a taupe colour. *hold the pencil sideways,not like a crayon*



Step 2:

Switch to powder(either one for brows or a matte eyeshadow). Using both is key: Pencil alone is too harsh, but powder by itself is too wimpy. Gentle sweep the powder over your brows with a stiff angled brush.



Step 3:

Finish by going over the whole brow with a spooley brush. This blends the pencil and powder together for a soft, believable look.*For staying power, mist hairspray on the spooley brush and comb again.



Last Look:

Perfection! Brows are strong but still natural looking. *Polished brows give your eyes an instant eye-lift!*





lovely brows!! the right shape is so important.

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