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{August 7, 2013}   What Does Your Colour(s) Say About You

Vibe-Vixen-Rihanna-Red-lips In this blog I’m going to get into deep depth as to wait your favorite colour says about you. I wont give it to you all today but each post will give you more insight about a different colour and your association with it. Lets get started:

Associations with colour(s) RED. Red symbolizes energy,action and associated with power, leadership, short temper,sexuality, and heat. Red is a double-edged colour, both attracting and signaling danger. Red is known to stimulate the appetite. Examples of this enticing quality colour are apples(eve in the Garden of Eden) many of other luscious, nutritious foods are berries, bell peppers and chillies are just a few that represent this colour. Exposure to the colour is also said to speed up the pulse, increase the respiration rate, raise blood pressure, and boost energy.

Red stimulates the nervous system,heightens the sense of taste and smell. Red-Hot Chillies and cayenne are both beneficial to digestion and soothe the stomach. Since ancient times, chillies used by healers to cure a variety of aliments. A single pepper has been found to contain a full day’s supply of beta-carotene and twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin c needed. Chillies also aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolism, helps fight against cancer and heart disease!

IF YOU LIKE RED: Those who like red tend to be exciting,animated,optimistic,emotional,and extrovert. The red person has an amazing zest for life. Their motivating force is desire, which is manifest in a hunger for fullness,experience,and living. Their restless pursuit of new things to turn them on can make them fickle. They often find it hard to be objective, and can be opinionated. Patience isn’t one of their virtues. If you love red, expand your beauty repertoire from the obvious lips, nails. A red stain on your cheeks or a touch of deep scarlet on your eyelids. Keywords associated with red are: intense,impulsive,competitive,daring,aggressive,passionate, and achieving.

IF YOU DISLIKE RED: Some people find looking at red increases agitation and makes them feel uneasy. People who are irritable,ill,exhausted, or bothered by problems and anxieties often reject red and turn to calmer colours for rest and relaxation.Usually these people are very self-protective and isn’t sociable  or gregarious as those who are passionate about red.

Fun Facts: Women who wear red smile more

Red makes you feel empowered and confident

A matte red will give you courage and self-assurance,even when you’re feeling below par

Red is the colour of love and passion(wearing red on a date will send out a message from Cupid. Red lips and nails, reminiscent of screens and starlets make an unbeatable combo for sex appeal.

Red says”look at me” if you want to get noticed wear red especially on your lips. Everyone will pay attention to what you are saying.

Lethargic or uninspired, incorporate red into your fashion or makeup statements. Red stimulates creativity and activity

Red can seem threatening so it’s not a good idea to red red to meetings. If you want to tome it down choose translucent reds,pinky reds or wines instead of opaque blue-reds that way you’ll keep the rose colour effect

Colour Sense:

Blue-Reds:In plums,soft berries and wines,these shades have a violet or purple tinge to them and are cool tones, which tend to suit people with very fair or very dark colorings

Brown-Reds: Dark berries and rich chocolatey shades make up these reds, with their deep brown hues. As warm,strong tones, they work best on olive or Asian skins.

Pink-Reds: A variety of rose and fuchsia make up these pink-based reds. As cool shades they look particularly good on fair skin with a pink undertone, but tend to be too pale for black skin.

Orange-Reds: With hints of yellow these vibrant reds have an inherent warmth, which means that they flatter Asian and dark skins best; the colours can drain and wash out fair skin tones.


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