Maybelline Queen

{August 6, 2013}   How your Body Language can help how you look

The Fashion Foot


What if you were looking through pictures from a night out with your friends and you love everything; your outfit, hair, makeup, but then you realize your body posture almost ruined your whole outfit. Part of what makes a great dress look great on you is a perfect posture. Keep your shoulders back and remember not to slouch! A lady shouldn’t slouch. Another tip is to put your hand on your hip when taking a picture. Yes, it is the cliché girl pose, but did you think we did it for no reason? It makes your arm look slimmer then if it was pressed against your body and your hand lands on your waist giving you a curve. That pose never fails even if it is typical for us girls to do. Being aware of how you compose your body can help others realize how great you look as well…

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