Maybelline Queen

{August 6, 2013}   Dressing Modestly in a World That Promotes Promiscuity

The Fashion Foot

It appears that society has lost all value for modesty. Considerable attention has been placed on revealing clothing that essentially demoralizes the purity and sanctity of the inner person. Modesty is not an outdated standard that alludes to cultural ideals; instead it is a direct reflection of self-respect, honor, and esteem. Visit your local mall and survey the amount of clothes and styles that are designed to bring a substantial amount of negative attention to a women’s outward attractiveness.



Many may argue and say skimpy clothes add to a women’s sex appeal which further builds self-esteem. However, I say this foundation lacks in strength because one’s outer appearance will ultimately diminish in attractiveness. Therefore, this warped view on self-esteem is not substantial. For this reason, the inner qualities of a person are more valuable than what mere man can behold. Beauty and charm is only skin deep, but character rises…

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