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{August 6, 2013}   Different Ways to Apply Blush

The Fashion Foot

blush 1

blush 2

Did you know that you might not be putting on your blush properly? We all love a little pop of color on our cheeks, but depending on how your cheekbones lay, you might be applying it all wrong! Like most makeup, it all depends solely on your face shape. It is your face…embrace it, love it, and wear your blush the right way! Here are some hints:

blush 3

1. Oval: Congrats! You have the best face shape for blush. Sweep your blush up towards the tops of your cheeks and back towards your ears.

2. Oblong: Make sure you apply your blush from the apples of your cheeks to your ears in a horizontal style. That way, you trick the eye and your face appears rounder.

3. Heart: Apply your blush right under the apples of your cheeks…and then sweep it towards the ears for a contour effect.

4. Square:  

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