Maybelline Queen

{August 5, 2013}   Rich,Flawless Mouth in Two Quick Steps

Luscious, long-lasting color requires more effort than applying lipstick straight from the tube, but its well worth the effort. A lip brush and tissue are just the extra ammunition you’ll need.

Step 1: Using a lip brush apply a thin layer of lipstick, start at the center of your mouth and blend outward. The more layers the better because itll last longer than just a single thick coat. Try to avoid the corners, who wants clown mouth!


Step 2: Pressing your lips together softens the overall effect dont forget to blot your mouth with a single piece of tissue.


If you dont have time for all of that heres a Quickie:

Apply lipstick straight from the tube(dont rub) it on.If you have tissue go ahead and blot,if not keep it moving!


The Full Treatment:

Starting with a lip pencil,choose a color that matches your lipstick colour(darker is ssooooo 90’s dont do it!!) and hold it at an angle for a softer application. Apply it from the outer corner of your upper lip to the center.

Repeat on the other side of your bottom lip. Fill both in with light feathery strokes using the side of the pencils point other than the actual tip;brush lipstick on top. Dont forget to blot with tissue.



Must Have Boxes says:

Great tutorial!

– KW

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