Maybelline Queen

{January 1, 2013}   Things I wish would go away in 2013(and beyond)!!

Happy New Year my lovely darr-lliinnggss(and when i say ddaarr-llinnggss think Eartha Kitt voice). I’m looking back at some of last years fashion and makeup trends. Some of last years trends and fashion statements really annoyed me! I do understand that some of the items or trends that i speak about did not START last year,they just started to annoy me last year lol! With no further due let’s get started!


1.Wedges! Yes Wedges every woman/girl owns a pair! I hate wedges why would you wear those absolute hideous shoes on your feet! I have yet to understand their purpose(but then again its fashion so it doesn’t need a purpose). My opinion is that wedges were actually a pretty chic shoe in the beginning. But of course women have worn those shoes to the ground! Wegdes: A LAZY GIRL VERSION OF HEELS!!!



2. SMOKEY EYE: I can’t take another smokey eye!”smokey eye this,smokey eye that”!If I hear about another smokey eye it’ll make me want to literally give someone a smokey eye!! Yes I get it smokey eye has become the “universal look” for any woman. Smokey eye is like a phone number, its infinite there are millions of looks for a smokey eye. Thats why it has yet to”go out of style”, its constantly evolving with different colours.


3. Hoes/Tramps…whatever you want to call them”coming up”! I am so sick of this mess! Hold up cus I’m about to speak my mind about this one! Notice how hoes been on the come up lately,getting married having babies? Yeah your wondering what your doing wrong right!? Well first off ladies men want a sufficient woman NOT an independent woman. Ive told ladies a million times STOP LETTING WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO HANDLE YOUR LOVE LIFE!! Ladies you have let Beyonce mess You up! Now lets keep in minds she has her man in fact she had that baby to KEEP her man!! you let her put that Independent song in your mind! Shes independent all day but she has a man! A man wants to be your superman, he wants to know that he can bring something to the table. But if he has to hear about how you don’t need him/how independent you are every five minutes then hell leave because he feels he has nothing to offer you! Now you see why he hasn’t called you back after the first date!! You noticed Beyonce stop singing that song looonngg time ago, you still single singing that same tied song!! Which brings me to my point a man will go to whomever makes him feel like a man, it’s the hoes that making them feel like a king cus you to busy hollering about how you don’t need him!!! A man doesnt care about the things we care about when it comes to a woman! They want to know they can bring add value to you! I’m not saying not to pursue your goals but what I am saying is you don’t have to put him down while moving forward. You can be independent all day as long as that man know you still need him! Look at beyonce shes independent all day but you let J walk out that door  I guarantee she’ll be chasing him down the street(that’s why she had baby b)! That’s why men dumb down when they cheat or leave because it’s the tricks and trifling women who show  that they want him and make him feel like a man! So you keep on hollering about how you independent you are with yo lonely self!



4.Finally,Full Brows: now I am a fan of full brows and I understand that is/was a trend but once again ladies like wedges,STOP IT! Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it’s for you. This reminds of me Micheal Jordan bald head(yes some of you ladies remember when the men started wearing bald) It isn’t for everyone. Brows are one thing you should never follow behind! Find the shape that works for you and stay with that!! Full Brows are making some of you women look hairy, like a werewolf(yes full brows can and has made women look that way!).




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