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{January 1, 2013}   Men’s style: The bow tie is the true statement maker of 2013. SAY SOMETHING!

SFD men

The invention of the bow tie first began with a man named George Bryan “Beau” Brummell, and is a french version of the English classic.  Over the years the bow tie has lost some of its fines; not to mention that ties are easier to find and a little bit easier to wear.  Just because something is easier to find, doesn’t make it better.  Usually bow ties are saved for special occasions, but due to the emergence of bow ties in casual patterns and materials, they are now being used as the  true “statement maker.”

Flag ties are great because they look good, and they say so much without you having to say anything at all.  Flag ties are more of a casual look, not the tie you want to wear to prom.  Honestly, you could pair this with a pin-stripped  button-up a pair of jeans, Nikes and a…

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