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515-toxic-chemicals-women-every-dayWhenever you go grocery shopping skip the aisles, and this applies to beauty products too.  Make-up, shampoo, conditioners, lotions, tooth products etc. are full of toxic chemicals which are known carcinogens, environmental pollutants, and endocrine disruptors (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Why should you care about these chemicals, clearly the FDA approved the production of these products, right?  Not only are cosmetics the least regulated by the FDA (8) but the concentration over time is not even considered in the regulation process.  Because we are rapidly inventing new chemicals every year the general population becomes a guinea pig for the industry.  Humans react differently than rats/testing animals in the lab, so once the cosmetic is approved how humans react is a new experiment – do you want to be the next lab rat?  I don’t.



Your skin is a…

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{January 3, 2013}   Maybelline Eye Make-up — 1960



Come January 14, Revlon model and actress Halle Berry will be showing off the beauty brand’s newest eyeshadow palette in a commercial. Berry isn’t the only big name associated with the campaign; it was directed by Martin Campbell, who credits Casino Royale to his resume. The footage was shot in L.A. and features Revlon’s PhotoReady Primer + Shadow, which includes a lid-smoothing primer, three coordinating eyeshadows, and a shimmery top coat. The whole kit, complete with tips on how to wear the colors, launches this month at major drugstores and for just $9.99. Since you won’t be able to see the ad for a couple of weeks, we got our hands on these exclusive photos of Berry behind-the-scenes. We know we’re supposed to be focusing on her eyes (which are done up in a lovely shade of lavender), but we can’t help also feeling envious for her voluminous ringlets

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{January 3, 2013}   The power of lipstick

Homemaker Chic

Another Pinterest Win! I saw this one a long time ago and tucked it away in my little pin bank for the right time. I finally had the opportunity to test it out when I unfortunately dropped my Mac Powder Compact. Gah! Do you know how many times I’ve broken a compact or eye shadow and just had to throw it away because I had no idea that it could be fixed? In comes Pinterest to save the day! This is a real win, and will definitely save me tons of money! No more replacing perfectly good make-up that’s all cracked up.

All you do is pour a few teaspoons of plain ol’ rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. (Isopropyl Alcohol can be found at at your local Pharmacist or Chemist. It might go by a different name if you’re not in America. Or you can just buy it here.) Stir…

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{January 3, 2013}   5 Big No-Nos for False Lashes

{January 3, 2013}   Debates about wearing makeup

Beauty, Fitness, Food: My way



When I go out looking for new foundation, I have three things that I’m searching for. One, natural full coverage; I know that seems like it’s impossible to have full coverage and for it to still look natural: it’s not. Two, I don’t want to feel like I have a mask on my face. This is a hard one, especially when you have combination skin. You want something that looks nice and soft without it being too matte or, in my case, oily around my hose and chin. Three: I don’t want it to smell horrible. This is extremely valid, considering you’re putting the foundation all around your nose(and in some cases blending it into the nose). So, here goes!

Georgio Armani: Designer Lift Foundation


This is my all time favorite foundation. It comes in 9 great shades, it color corrects your skin. It has SPF 20(which we all…

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{January 3, 2013}   The Question of Allure

The Lipstick Gal

Happy New Year! Sorry I’ve been so absent from my blog. The holidays were busy for me, and health issues have been rearing their ugly heads. Let’s put all that behind us, and get down to the good stuff: lipstick!

As my blog name suggests, I love lipstick. Before I was allowed to wear lipstick at 14, I loved putting Chap Stick, Vaseline, and all sorts of little girl appropriate lip gloss on my lips. I had every sort. It’s the only thing I spent my allowance on. When I was 14, my mom took me to the Clinique counter and had the ladies in white coats help me choose make up colors. It was my first encounter with makeup of any type and I was hooked. That day I got my first real lipstick. It was a peachy nude lipstick that Clinique no longer makes. Sadly I don’t remember the…

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