Maybelline Queen

{December 27, 2012}   Thoughts on My Mind(part3)

Before I begin I want to give a very late Merry Christmas,Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa to everyone! I’ve had some pc problems but all is well now. I have so much to blog about so stay tuned!

Recently I was contemplating about my favorite thing ever(makeup). What triggered these thoughts was a recent advertisement about Chanel lipstick. This caused to me to think a time(not that long ago) when companies stuck to one specialty. Chanel has always been known for clothing and perfume and now makeup! HOLD UP! I get it its all about money. It’s not just Chanel but celebs and other companies are doing it as well.

In some way this disturbs my heart. Why you ask because the passion the love behind what they do isn’t there. It has become all about finding a manufacturer and slapping a name on a product. The thing that really pisses me off is that most of the cosmetics is over priced! THE TRUTH IS THAT THERE ARE ONLY AVON,LAUDER,MARY KAY, MAYBELLINE, REVLON(INCLUDING THE SUB COMPANIES(i.e Maybelline is a Subsidiary of L’Oreal )OWN THEIR OWN FACTORIES…THEIR VERY OWN FACTORIES!!! That means that MAC,Chanel,Almay,Bobbi Brown,etc share the same manufacturer or order from the same.  That means all you “HIGH END” makeup types are paying for packaging(might I add for some isn’t all that great!)

It almost upsets me because companies are just selling stuff just to make money.For me I prefer an expert in all I do. For instance if I’m sick why would I go to a teacher. The same with makeup or anything else. Why would I buy cosmetics from a clothing line, or a celebrity. Now in some instances very few,very few I would buy i.e Mariah Carey,Britney,Jessica Simpson they all have great extensions of themselves.  Everyone is on a money hungry bandwagon.

There is no real quality behind the”brand”. Why because everyone is sharing manufacturers whether it be clothes,cosmetics or perfume. While your purchasing a particular product because of the brand or because you think because its costs more its better, I suggest you compare it to a less expensive brand and see exactly what you’re paying for! Is it packaging,marketing or the real product??! Nine times out if ten it comes from the same manufacturer!

The original thought on my mind was simply companies and celebs need to just go back to where their original passion instead of jumping on a bandwagon for a dollar therefore ripping U off!!



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