Maybelline Queen

{December 27, 2012}   Maybelline New ColorSensational Vivids

fuchsia-flash_pack-shot cs-vivids_model-shot

OOO yes darr-darrlings it is here!Be bright and gorgeous with EXCLUSIVE VIVID  colors(brighter) and Honey nectar formula to nourish lips! How can you not get excited about that!!Now bright goes gorgeous, never garish. You’ll love it because it comes in ten shades!…TEN SHADES!!(above picture is Fuchsia Flash). Vivids gives your lips a slick shine that looks as smooth as glass. In shades like PINK POP,SHOCKING CORAL,VIVID ROSE, ELECTRIC ORANGE,VIBRANT MANDARIN,NEON RED,ON FIRE RED, HOT PLUM,BRAZEN BERRY  how can you resist the splendor? It’s sure to bring new flavor to your life. Maybelline has a lush and creamy formula that settles just right on your lips for shine that really makes a statement! Darr-lliinngs these colours will have the girls talking and the boys walking(in your direction of course!)*wink*!

Color Sensational® Vivids(Brazen Berry)      Color Sensational® Vivids(On Fire Red)

Color Sensational® Vivids(Hot Plum)                        Color Sensational® Vivids(Neon Red)


Color Sensational® Vivids(Vibrant Mandarin)                            Color Sensational® Vivids  (Electric Orange)


Color Sensational® Vivids(Vivid Rose)             Color Sensational® Vivids    (Pink Pop)              Color Sensational® Vivids(Shocking Coral)






sjvella says:

they look gorgeaus

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