Maybelline Queen

{December 26, 2012}   Beauty Supply Hair! Is it Really 100% Human?


You walk into the beauty supply store and ask the store worker for human hair. The store worker gives you what you think is 100% human hair. Cool! You buy it and go to your stylist only to realize the 100% human hair you just bought was a blend. What’s a blend? You may ask. Well…a blend is when the hair manufacture blends synthetic fibers with human hair. Although the hair you just purchased looks and feel good. It’s melting on the curling iron like chocolate on a summer day. Now you just wasted time, money, and gas! :(.. What I do know for sure is some but not all beauty supply stores will sell you anything just to make a dollar. What i do realize is over the years some hair manufactures started adding in the words “HAIR LIKE” instead of “HUMAN Hair” to let the customers know the…

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Beauty is desired by women the world over. Millions fork over their hard earned cash for products which promise to “make them beautiful.”

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