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{December 22, 2012}   December 22: The Gift of Restoration

Life...Outrageously Real Insights.

Society today is obsessed with perfection. Turn on the TV or flip open a magazine and you will be presented with countless opportunities to be separated from your hard-earned cash to invest in ways to make your hair thicker, your fingernails stronger, your skin look younger, the sexual endurance of your twenties return… You name it and I imagine there is someone who is trying to put it in a bottle and sell it!

And it isn’t just our bodies people are desperately seeking to restore these days. Millions are spent restoring furniture, homes, marriages, broken childhoods, lost dreams. Restoration can be a wonderful thing. The process of removing layer upon layer of dirt and damage is a wonderfully healing process.

Years ago, we decided to restore our kitchen. After much effort of trying to get contractor bids we could afford, we made the decision to do it ourselves (advice:…

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