Maybelline Queen


llooovveee itt!

Hector M. Reyes

VOLUM' EXPRESS Falsies Mascara, P449
Still looking for a good mascara? This one you gotta try. There’s something about Maybelline mascara that a lot of women love it so much. In fact, its Volum’ Express is still the no. 1 mascara franchise in the world, with one piece sold every 1.7 seconds somewhere on the planet. The latest offering is called Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara, with a unique formula and a new type of brush to instantly create the look of false lashes. Is your heart beating faster now?
The Kera-Fiber formula is a carefully selected balance of volumizing agents and lengthening ingredients. Soft fillers applied to color-intense pigments, emollients, waxes, and lash-softening oils are combined with film formers and fibers for the perfect texture, delivering buildable volume. The formula works best with the exclusive Spoon Brush. Convex in shape and designed with a flexible stem, this brush works in perfect step with…

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