Maybelline Queen

{December 19, 2012}   TV Shows and their depictions of teenagers.

The Workings of a Teenage Mind

TV teenage drama’s are such lies. ESPECIALLY the shitty american ones i sometimes watch. They lie about how teenagers life seem to pan out. An example is “Pretty Little Liars” where it seems that the 16 year old girls are constantly having boyfriends, most of them are much older than themselves. They are ALL gorgeous all the time, they seem to have an unlimited supply of clothes and they all have pristine make up, even when they’ve just got out of bed. Anyway, what I say is that reality is a lot different.  We don’t have time or money to have cupboard-fuls of interesting clothes to wear something different every single day, and who can be bothered to be constantly touching up make-up every second.

However, even with all this falsities, these shows remain extremely popular, especially with teenagers. Why? Even when we know it’s such a ridiculously biased snapshot…

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