Maybelline Queen

{December 19, 2012}   Thoughts on My Mind(part 2)

This whole”internet sharing” is new to me. As stated in my last entry of thoughts I’m learning as I go. Sitting just browsing through WordPress, ya know learning the lingo and the “how-to’s”. Wow its a lot that I have to learn, its simple but its a lot. Between the right kind of tagging,categories,when to blog,etc,etc. .You know the saying”you learn something new everyday” well I think I’ve learned enough for a week!LOL!

I love WordPress! I’m actually becoming addicted to this new hobby in my life called blogging! Though I must admit I do feel a little behind(well some may same decades behind lol)with blogging.Blogging has been going on for so long and I’m just NOW entering its world makes me feel a certain way. Well all I can do is jump in just as many of you have done and do daily.

All of these advances of how to blog is non stop. Between having your very own personal blogging site.Then there are the sites where you can sign up, and lets not forget the blogging sites that have their own communities(you know the ones where you can post and add questions,videos,etc. in which I am a fan a many). But back to my first entry in finding my place. I am a writer naturally. I lovveee it to the core! I’ve been thinking what can I do to have a place in the blogging community. After many opinions and thoughts I’ve decided to just be me!,which is  always the best way!

I don’t want to have to put up twelve pictures and nine videos on one post just to keep you interested in my posts. Although  I do understand that we live in a visual stimulating world. I do know and believe that there are still”natural readers” out there…people who don’t need all that”extra” to enjoy a good reading. To each its own, if you have all that stuff on your blog and YOUR readers love it, that’s great! But my place is simple. It may not get me one million trillion views  but it’ll get me the readers that Id like to attract,the readers.

Now don’t get it confused I will post videos,pictures,links. I’m planning on using all the resources that are available like everyone else. I don’t want those things be the reason you stay because I’m not always going to use to resources in my blogs. Id rather keep my blogs simple. after all isn’t that’s how blogging initially started…just by writing and reading!

Now that I’ve found my “niche” I don’t need the rules! some say be consistent posts weekly,daily etc. to keep your viewers,etc. blah,blah,blah.Im not going to do so. I like blogging and I’ll blog when I feel the need(daily,weekly,when ever I darn well please) *in childlike voice*thank you verrry much.But I’ll use proper tagging and categories so you can find me! LOL!

To all of my followers,readers,those who’ve “liked”,and reblogged my posts…THANK YOU! Please do not become a stranger Id love your comments and/or ideas. My blog is mainly about makeup, but every now and again Id just like to share my thoughts. If you’d like me to blog about a product or a tip/trick let me know. Now that that’s said  let me get back to my original purpose of blogging, talking about makeup(stay tuned for a makeup post)!




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