Maybelline Queen

{December 19, 2012}   Ladies, there is no wrong in wearing heels on a daily basis

Lavanyai Dieu

Today, I decided to wear my black suede heels today, It was not as cold today. I don’t really wear heels as much. I like to be chill. I’m more of a boots kind of female. But I don’t go shopping for heels. Not me. I wear my mothers, to be honest. She has so many heels it is not even funny, She has loads of Micheal Kors. Anywho, I decided to start my journey with my fashion sense. Since a lot of people seem to admire and question where and how I put things together.

Outfit findings: 

-Leather Jacket (Savers) $9

-Floral Dress (Boomerangs) $1

-Leather Leggings (Savers) $1.50

-NYC Bag (Savers) $3

– Black Suede Heels (Got these from a Fashion Show I did, they just gave them to me)



This was my first time using my Ball Head and attempting to take photos. So I hope it…

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