Maybelline Queen

{December 19, 2012}   Cover Girl Clean Foundation


Where do I start with this foundation! I’m usually not the one to judge on the first impression. I try to give cosmetics a second try just like people(in some cases). I must wonder what was cover Girl thinking! Everything including packaging is wrong. Lets start with the packaging. The foundation comes in this thick,class oval-shaped bottle,with I am not a fan of. The bottle is just down right ugly to me. The jar is just to thick for me, I’m not twelve! I don’t need a foundation bottle that look child proof. I bottom of the bottle is clear glass! Great so I’m purchasing a product that doesn’t use the entire bottle,Which makes me wonder am i paying for the packaging or product(I’m not buying chips I’m buying foundation!! some of you “get it”)!

Lets get to the foundation. ugh!! It’s just like the bottle,thick and ugly! First its hard to shake up with means that the product can separate in return will not give you the best color or coverage for your skin tone. My problem with it is when I try to place some on my hands I have to shake the bottle with all my energy. The foundation is so thick it doesn’t “pour” properly at all. I end up with never enough. Again this  foundation similar to LO’real true match and others. All these cosmetic companies want to give everyone their “perfect match” but the problem is there are sssooo many skin tones that you can’t possibly “categorize”,trying to put 5 skin tones in one jar doesn’t work. If your one of the lucky ones where a foundation matches your foundation than great! But for many of us especially Latino,African Americans and Asians,its hard to find a perfect match.

This is not the face of clean. Its cakey to thick it doesn’t give a smooth clean glide. Your fingers are the best blenders. With this foundation you have to use a sponge. Cover Girl Clean Foundation is a waste of money. The bottle is not cute, I feel like I’m wasting money because the foundation isn’t at the bottom of the jar. The foundation is cakey,to thick and it’s just not a smooth application,from the”pouring” to applying it to your face. This foundation literally sits on your face.

This foundation is very,very dated! It was the original foundation was the original foundation! which explains everything about it! I have no problem with Cover Girl trying to keep the originality but we need an updated version! I get what they are trying do to do this is a 1960 foundation! 1960!! Cover Girl its time to update with a smoother formula and more diverse foundation options not only for skin tones but skin types as well! Go back to the drawing board Cover Girl LITERALLY!


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