Maybelline Queen

{December 16, 2012}   Thoughts on My Mind

When I have a thought on my mind about any and all things beauty I usually think about it carefully to decide if I want to share my thoughts and think about if you’d actually want to read my thoughts and opinions. I have never been a YouTuber or into posting videos(I’m just stepping into the blog world). Lately I’ve been thinking that its time for me to jump into the world of “everyone has an opinion everyone is a guru or pro”. As I stated in my first entry I love makeup,it’s what I do its my second nature. I’m not looking to become famous(although if that happens I’m definitely not going to reject) but I feel that I have become confident in exploring other options that are available to me(i.e. wordpress).

What I’m saying is its time to show my talents and skills to the world. I am ssoooo ready for it but I feel as though I’m late in the game so how do I compete with all the thousands of “mua’s” out there already. Not compete as having the best technique but my popularity. I feel like I’m a crab in the barrel trying to claw my way up. I guess the only way to get started is to just jump in the pool. For me I have to find my place where Id like to be known. I love to write,talk,and of course do makeup! I’m on a search to find my place in the internet world and want to share my journey with you!

The reason for telling you this is because there are hundreds of you,maybe not makeup geeks just people in general that feel the same way I do. You’re wondering what is it you can do,how can you be separate but share this space without becoming”just another”. As im searching for my place I hope to encourage and/or inspire you to find your place as well!



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