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{December 12, 2012}   Simple tips and tricks

ImageI’m pulling a double this week to makeup for last week. Today i would like to give you some simple beauty tricks that’s easy and cheap and in some cases you may already have in your purse.

 1. do your feet slide down in your peep toe heels

Solution: panty liners! yes panty liners help keep feet in place and if you sweat they’ll absorb the sweat.

2. have a problem with those strands that refuse to lay flat in place with the rest of the hair

Solution:lip balm! that’s right simple lip balm the bee’s wax in the balm helps hold hair in place. rub some on the fingers and rub in it on the hair that’s not being a “team player” and there you have it. its like a gel for the hair but i think better!

3.need your nails to dry quickly

Solution: after nails are polished wait about 1 minute then place hands in COLD water,soak for 2 minutes. there you have it a Quick Dry! who has time for a 10-15 minute dry!

4.need makeup brushes but simply can’t afford those high-end brushes

Solution: art supply stores! yep! they have a lot of the same brushes for half the price, because remember you are an artist*wink*

5. ran out of your beauty blotters and forgot to buy new ones

Solution:Read Carefully….Brown “soft” napkins(i.e. starbucks napkins) of Soft tissues. they work wonders just gently press against the face and bam! Free beauty blotters(u can also find in the public restrooms or at your local grocer deli department

6. dirty brushes

Solution: although a lot of gurus will tell you to wash your brushes once a month or once every other month(eewwww) i suggest after each use..yes each use!! some gurus may suggest different because they say you’ll but more wear and tear on brushes faster…i don’t care id rather keep nice skin! can u imagine if using your brushes everyday but only washing once a month!! ALLLL brushes eventually need replacing so who cares!!please wash after each use. after first it may seem like a headache but once a habit is form trust me you wont want to use it unless its clean! A MUST ESPECIALLY FOR OILY SKIN!!

7.long lashes

Solution: you dont have to spend 40 bucks on a mascara that claims to give you long lashes! u can buy any brand! the trick is to comb out brushes before and after each coat(i.e. kim k.)that also keeps clumps away!

8. Wigs

Solution: do u wear wigs, well youll notice after a while they may start to smell do to sweat,hairspray,etc. FEBREZE! yep febreze will kill bacteria and make hair smell great,. but if u can wash the wig id definitely suggest it!


Solution: i suggest that u change your pillowcases once a week. especially if your acne prone. due to sweat,oils from hair and skin that absorb in the cases while were sleeping. itll help promote healthy skin!

10.white teeth

Solution: you don’t have to spend thousands on a teeth whiting system. a lot of lipsticks have high pigmentation in them that helps make teeth look white(remember makeup is about illusion) so u don’t have to have white to look like you have white teeth! i suggest depending on your skin tone, bold colors. do with caution each color looks different on each skin tone. choose at your discretion!

12.mascara and gloss

Solution:these are like american express U should never leave home without it!! i don’t care if your just going to the gas station! put on gloss and mascara even if you look ragged you’ll still look glamorous!

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have a great week everyone! don’t forget id like to know what you think so far so please dont be shy feel free to post comments!


Good tips and thanks for the follow and like!

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