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{December 11, 2012}   L’oreal True Match…


ok guys i missed last week,hey its holiday time lol! whats on my mind today in the world of makeup…before i begin if i havent already mentioned i lloovveee mass market cosmetics! i feel that if they are good enough for the models that get paid to advertise them then they are good enough for me. each cosmetic brand caters to a particular women, should you spend 50 bucks on a foundation when you can pay 10 bucks for it?! it depends of the type of look you’re looking for. Sometimes the cheaper product is the best product. I am Not in bashing L’Oreal. I am bashing L’Oreal True Match foundation I must say is the worst! For African-American skin what the heck are you trying to match,our skin complexion with a tan times 10!! I’ve given it two tries and i just cant do it anymore. It’s no balance..I was told “based on my complexion” im a “cocoa c8”. I thought was to dark in the first darn place. Since these are the “pros” and have a shade matches there you’d think they know what they’re talking about! If i go down a shade it’s too light. I am a blending guru i promote blending all the time that’s one of the most important elements of makeup next to skin care. Blending that mess on my face til went M.I.A! in other words i took it off! Obviously im not the first minority to complain about this.Checking back in the store(cus im there every week,literally) L’Oreal decides to come out with a “better” version of the foundation. Some of you may have noticed that on the True Match label it has “truer match” or something to that. Its only on the darker foundations which means that they’ve had several complaints from minorities about this. First off IF its my “true match” then why the heck do I need a “truer match”.I don’t know you guys should i give this “newer version” a try?? i do commend them for trying again that’s what your suppose to do…make your wrongs right. But stick to what you know and foundation for minorities is not one of them. Of course I have to blog about if it actually works! Now a while back BeyoncĂ© got flack about a L’Oreal commercial saying that she was too edited(i.e. photoshopped) she was much lighter in her skin than her actually complexion. I do understand that a lot of these cosmetic companies don’t really advertise what the product does they advertise what We want to hear. I am very disappointed with this foundation. Its greasy, doesn’t give you a true finish. Personally im a light browned skin woman and c8 made me look like i had tanned for 2 weeks in Jamaica(no joke). Of course you only need a small amount because with this product a little does go a long way. As for me I am what some consider the glamour type. I don’t care if you know I have makeup on. we all have it on whether it noticeable or not so why should i care what someone thinks. *sighs* yeah ill try it again but I’m not optimistic about any New results.

I know what some of you gurus are thinking” well different factors come into play like type of skin, if you need concealed etc) blah. It says true match so that’s what i expect especially in this “time” of makeup where everyone wants to look natural(please). Point is i tried it and didn’t work but I will buy the “better version” and let you know what I think of it. Readers be for worn! Unless you are you’re looking for a tan look at a cheap price then this foundation is for you, otherwise please don’t purchase to on your first interview. you’ll wonder why, because your neck,skin,chest and face are nine different shades lol! Stay tuned!


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