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{December 31, 2012}   Imperfections

Miss Viktoriya

We all have imperfections and flaws that we see in ourselves, sometimes even when others can’t see them.

For the longest time my biggest flaw was my skin- I never went out without putting on some liquid or powder on it.

But imperfections are what make each and every one of us perfect and unique, just the way we are.

So I went barefaced today, pale skin and all. (I did have some eye makeup and lipgloss on, mind you!)




















Stay beautiful, flaws and all!

Love and kisses,

Miss M


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Reasonably Doubted

Teyana Taylor and Adidas will be releasing a sneaker made exclusively for women, called Harlem GLC’s. The shoes are set to drop February 16th, 2013.

Sneaker Head Teyana Taylor Designs Her Own Sneaker With Adidas

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{December 30, 2012}   Eye make-up inspiration

Fridas Peach

Hi peeps! 🙂

Long time no see, huh?
I just got home from the Christmas holidays at my grand parents and had planned loads
of great stuff for ya, but my laptop chose to strike…
The screen turned black and haven’t shown any signs of life since 😥

Picture me sitting here with my (other) prehistoric-looking-like laptop, swearing and condemning its slow pace of function!

But I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold,
so here’s an inspirational post for your New Years Eve make-up 🙂



I hope y’all have a fab night! 🙂
But promise me to be careful when handling fireworks okay?




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{December 30, 2012}   BIG SEAN FINALLY FAMOUS LINE:

By far one of my favorite looks! Great for all skin tones!!


Ok darr-lliinggss many of you remember my last blog about this foundation and how horrifically terrified i am of it and nervous to try it “new” formula. I went into my favorite cosmetic store weekly as i do. I’ve been stalling about buy the new formula so I thought that yesterday would be the day! OMG dar-lings you would not believe that i almost broke out into a panic attack!! Yes a panic attack!! Some of you may say “oh your just being dramatic” or some of you might laugh but its true! My heart literally started pounding out of my chest!

I am so serious that “true match” has ” Truly Traumatized” me! This is definitely a first for me. I went with my mom( she likes to get beauty advice from me) and she started down right laughing. I couldn’t believe it my mother laughing(although it was pretty funny after my heart pulsed backed at normal rate). Let me tell you why I went into a traumatic flashback.

First I didn’t have the best experience with the old formula. I stood in front of the product trying to find my “NEW” perfect match(and when i say “new” i mean pun intended AND sarcastically and Im rolling my eyes as well LOL). Second OMG WHAT THE HECK the newer shades(by the way the newer formulas are for the darker skin tones) are EVEN MORE DARKER!!! L’Oreal what the heck are you thinking!!?? I thought that you had it right this time but it seems you’ve made an even bigger mess!! Just drop the darker shades because it’s becoming a bit insulting!!

When I saw that darker shade flashbacks started resurfacing in the fore front of my mind igniting the panic attack lol. Not only was the one TWO darker wrong shades! Darr-lliinnggss I cant wait to give you my review on it but I am no fool. I’ll give you the review but it’ll be from the view,opinion and application from someone else face! No freaking way I’m putting that foolishness on my face again! As always my darr-lliinngss stay tuned on this heck of a mess called foundation(but not from the likes of my face lol)!

{December 30, 2012}  

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