Maybelline Queen

{November 29, 2012}   Beauty

I consider myself a makeup geek,fanatic…or more “politically correct” term would be Guru. As I’m browsing on twitter to find like minded people(follow me @maybellinequeen) I find everyone is a MUA(makeup artist)! Some even boldly point out that they are”self taught”. I have several issues with this. First is their noone who simply just likes makeup?! Two an artist is something you become over time. Its like a boy Be-coming a man. An Artist is something that separates U from everyone else. It’s about your style and technique! I’m reading but a lot of people are repetitive of each others. I consider myself as just someone who likes makeup. It shows and for That reason many consider me as an MUA. I have a motto that I always speak and live by”Beauty is U”!!! I think that’s who beauty is,its all of us! For me:faces are my canvas and color is my freedom! Creating MY definition of beauty”!…which is U!! I’m not saying I’m the best. I’m constantly learning and studying. What I am saying is what separates these”artists”? There’s a distinct difference in putting makeup on someone’s face and saying your an artist(the same goes for the music industry BUT that’s another blog for another time). When I ask this question of an “MUA” its as if they are stumped!!there’s No wrong answer but the problem is there’s NO answer.The true MUAs I’m sure you agree! I love everyone especially the Makeup geeks like me.We are all family,we share a common bond thats dear to my heart. Therefore don’t get offended by this blog.Im just saying don’t call yourself an artist when you have no distinction!
   (Still expressing thoughts on twitter). Here’s the real nitty gritty…what is the deal with everyone proclaiming to be self taught MUAs!!! HHHHHEEEELLLLLOOOO ANYONE WHOS A MAKEUP GEEK HAS ALREADY RESEARCHED AND FOUND THAT THEIR ARE LITTLE TO ANY SCHOOLS OUT THERE!!!! So why pronounce the “self taught” issue. Being self taught doesn’t make you an artist nor does it make you any good at what you are proclaiming to be/do.WE ALL WERE SELF TAUGHT AT SOME POINT(some of us are still self teaching)! My question is what’s the big deal about being self taught! Life has taught me THATS the best experience.
  I guess for some people that makes them feel special but for me…I’m just a girl inside that’s expressing myself on the outside. Back to the original question that I forgot to ask(and headline of this blog)…what is beauty to you?? Its one thing to believe what society says beauty is,but what is true beauty to you.honestly if women/girls started embracing this there wouldn’t be so many beauty products to choose from.We mistake beauty for flawless…NOT THE SAME!! noone is flawless(that’s what photo editing is 4)! Everyone reading this I truly challenge you to find YOUR beauty,it could be your hips,lips,toes…whatever it is please embrace it!!!
Ok darrr-lings I think I’ve said enough for today. Ill write again next week!if there’s any makeup you’d like to read my reviews or get tips about tweet me or email me at…until next week remember “Beauty is U!”


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