Maybelline Queen

{November 20, 2012}   introduction

Hello World I’m known as “Maybelline Queen”.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Let me start by giving you a little background of who I am. First i must say that i never ever grew up into makeup never knew much about it. Now that I think about it I was never considered to be a “girly-girl”. Growing up the most I wore was lip gloss. It all started in college, I decided to take a trip to the Mac counter to purchase makeup. I initially went to Mac because I had an event coming up and needed to look flawless. Now this was in 2002 at that time Mac didn’t charge for nearly as much as they do now for a makeover. As long as you bought at least 30 dollars in product they did your face for free(the entire face). You can say I was hooked from that point on(on makeup). Still not knowing anything about makeup I wore Mac for about 3 years until i was introduced to Mary Kay Cosmetics(yes i went to a Mary Kay party). I was so impressed with the foundation 507 it was(still is) my perfect match! Unlike Mac where my face was one color and neck was another. Eventually like most I became a MK Consultant,mostly to get the 50% off product instead of buying full price from a consultant lol! In the beginning I spent more money buying the product than actually selling anything! Sold MK for 5 years and did fairly well until i wanted to venture out and try different products. Between then and about 3 years ago I tried different cosmetics some good some not so good(ladies you know the story we all have some foundation we bought and still looking at wondering why did I buy that!)

Which brings me to Maybelline Queen. As a African American woman(I’m sure other women will agree)there wasn’t much out there for us(now theres 100s of options)! Until Maybelline FIT ME Foundation arrived I was a little lost. I never forget trying FIT ME and couldn’t believe it actually FIT ME! I know some of you are thinking”well why didn’t you stay with MK foundation” well because I felt I was outgrowing not just the cosmetic line but the business as well.  I have been hooked on Maybelline and every product they put on the market ever since! Have I tried other lines, sure have! But Maybelline seems to work for me! Out of the 128 products they offer Ive tried all of them excluding non water proof mascaras(I’m a sucker for waterproof anything) and consistently them all.

In this blog I’m not here to endorse any company!Just here to share my opinions,tips and secrets to providing a flawless look. Ive been a “makeup artist” for over 10 years. Have used many products(not just on me but others) and want to share my experiences and lessons with you.I’ll discuss mass markets products(maybelline,cover girl,revlon,and loreal) Although i use these products(on clients) i use Maybelline on Me(i.e. Maybelline Queen)!

In writing all this hopefully I was able to let you into my world a bit,if not continue reading and you will find yourself in the world of Maybelline Queen!


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